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  • Description:Bonobos是來自美國的服裝品牌。它是美國購物網站上最大的服裝品牌。Bonobos的核心宗旨是讓每位客戶擁有世界上最好的網上購物體驗。
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    Horrible company! Wasted three months of my time on two orders that eventually got cancelled from their end. Never received ONE product. I felt they thought I was lucky to get refunded. Tip for consumers:Don’t expect to receive your product. Even if you receive a confrontation email. Products used:None! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have been having issues just clicking on one item to view and I would wait and wait and it would do nothing. Looked around and it says to use the Chrome browser if you are having trouble. Tried that and it still doesn't work. How are people supposed to buy anything from this company if their website does not work on your computer or your phone? Crazy in these days that a website is so awful. Tip for consumers:Good Luck buying anything on their website. Products used:Could never buy anything to know how their clothes are in comparision. Their website is so awful.
    Shame on you Bonobos, this is my second week ordering product from you, and you twice took money out through Paypal and are not shipping product... are you guys that hard up? SHAME SHAME SHAME... I want my refund today Tip for consumers:be careful ordering from them Products used:none Service Value
    The claim of "soft denim" is so far from the truth, at this price point. The fit is fine, but the denim sounded like rubbing two pieces of lined paper together; annoying. The khakis are great! The denim quality has a long way to go. I went right back to my go-to brand since 2006. Go get yourself a pair of AGs at the department stores; you will be so much happier with the feel.
    When you have a clothing merchant that ships most of its product you would expect a strong customer support and service, especially when the product is clothing where so much can go wrong (size, fitting, quality, etc.). Bonobos has NO customer support. They do not answer the phone. No voice mail even though they advertise voice mail. They do not reply to emails nor customer inquiries after logging into their portal. They simply do not care about their customers. They use a lot of folksy, friendly, effusive language in their auto-generated emails, but it is all a front. They are arrogant. This business will not survive. It is poorly managed and seems to be deaf, dumb and blind to their customers. Tip for consumers:Avoid it. Products used:Belts, pants, shirts. Service Value Shipping
    It takes weeks and weeks to get an order shipped. They have had shipping issues for well over a year now. The fact that they have not resolved these issues tells me that they're a company that is very poorly run and that they do not care about unhappy customers. And their customer support is non-existent. I encourage you to spend your money elsewhere.
    The men in our family love BONOBOS PANTS! However, this year I ordered 3 pair of jeans. One of the pair was cancelled before the order went out. Another pair ordered was 3832All Season Jeans Slim Dark Wash. I received 3432 Athletic khakis! The third pair was correct. I took the incorrect pair to Fed Ex on Dec. 8th and they were received by Bonobos on Dec. 13th. Today is January 7th and I have yet to receive my refund. When I reached out they are not taking any phone calls, so I did a chat through the sight by email. I was given a link to use to file my "case", but it said it was no longer available. Up until now I loved Bonobos, but am very frustrated not to receive what I ordered and then not being able to get my refund.
    I order a suite weeks in advance for a very special occasion so I was trying to track it through there site which directs you to DHL and the tracking # wasn't successful and that has happened to me with every order I have ordered with Bonobos. Long story short, I checked the site again and it said my order was returned so I called their 1-877 # and after several attempts I got the least helpful sympathetic person I've ever talk to in customer service! Basically, she said it was shipped with a return label. That's why I came back. I still don't understand that. It was nice knowing ya Bonobo's. This is exactly why online shopping doesn't work.
    Lol. It is comical how difficult it was to coordinate an order for my groomsmen. I had to call all 6 individual Bonobos stores where my groomsmen got measured and authorize the payment for their suit. In many cases the store had not saved their home address (?), which I needed to look up during the call. In two cases, the store's phone had a terrible connection (wtf?) and I asked the associate to call me back on their cell phone because we were having trouble communicating. In one case, the store did not actually save the groomsmen's measurements when he came in, and asked him to come back in to get remeasured (they offered him a discount on a future purchase as a make good--lol). In all cases, the call lasted 15+ minutes, because this seemed to be a completely surprising and novel process that the associate had to figure out, as opposed to the literal business that Bonobos is in. Many times, I was not able to get ahold of someone at the store during the middle of the day when I called, or they asked me to call back, because they were the only person on the floor and they were in the middle of a fitting. This took hours and hours of my time and my groomsmen's time and it seemed like every store had a different process (in one case---"oh can you call back on Sunday? XXXX handles groomshop and I'm not sure where he saved the measurements" lololol). How in the actual $#*! have you not created an easier way for a groom to coordinate and pay for an order of groomsmen suits? Isn't this, like, something that happens every day? The associate I initially talked to said it would be very straightforward (which, although false, was believable given that it would appear this is a core part of Bonobos' business). Had I known it was actually a $#*!show I would have just given each individual groomsmen specific instructions on the suit to order and had them buy their own (and then reimbursed them) (but then how would they be able to get the discount---who knows). This should be super easy: 1) I create a groomshop account and add my groomsmen via their email 2) they get measured at their local Bonobos. Their measurements and addresses are saved to my groomshop account. It's easy to keep track of this info and monitor progress because it is associated with their unique email address. 3) once all measurements have been taken, I swipe the credit card and the orders go out. That is free advice, you don't need to pay me, but I am looking for a new job right now and it does seem that I could do a better job than whoever is currently leading the GTM strategy. There's clearly some low hanging fruit here. Anyway, at least shipping was fast. We'll see how the suits turn out. Hopefully, I won't ever be getting married again, but if I do, I would rather hand sew my groomsmen's suits than go through this process again. Hopefully you get your $#*! together at some point in the future, and do let me know if you'd like to hire me---I would say my first priority is to revamp this process, but it's more accurate to say I would just be creating a process where one does not currently exist at all.
    Can't speak to your clothing but based upon other reviews its not to high Your Commercial Is Disgusting!
    50% of the orders are canceled. They are canceling especially orders that have discount applied to it. Shady practices. IF and WHEN order is placed it takes weeks (3 minimum) to receive the order. Products used:Shirts, Pants Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They try to be cool using Ninja crap but bottom line is the button on the top of the pants fell off. The first rep stated they would replace the pant. He asked for other information including order number and email. Since I purchased this from Nordstrom, their authorized retailer, they felt no responsibility to stand behind their defective product. Too bad for me. These are too expensive and there are too many other companies with better price and quality
    Cheaply made overseas. Sizes run awkward. Another borderline fake company advertising on facebook with nice pictures.
    Tried to exchange two $90 shirts for two other $90 shirts as the first two were sized TINY. Long-time customer... refused as it was after 90 days. They'd rather let me feel cheated by poor service and have two shirts I can't wear.
    Bottom line the shipping took way to long. They waited three days after I ordered to even ship it out, and then it was scheduled to take the full ten days. Shipping said it would take 3-6 days, which in the small print says business day, which for means they take 10 days to get the product to me. I will probably return them just so they don't think they can treat customers this way.
    Seriously. What is going on with the world that a company has this "quirky, obnoxious, allergic-to-a-straight-answer ninja b. S." as it's forefront in customer service (or lack thereof?) We pictured a trendy warehouse in downtown L. A. and a bunch of odd balls on Molly being encouraged to answer their consumers in the 'most quirky and obscure way possible'. It's a total joke and we know it. Avoid anything online and dealing with these clowns. We got everything from some idiot lecturing us about "ordering too much product as to cut down on waste of the boxes we send you" (seriously?) to "yay! Your refund will be processed and PRONTO" followed by a video clip of Wham! "wake me up before you go-go" (seriously? People actually consider this a real job or career?) We are beyond over their online service, they are considerably the worst and you will not get a straight answer in regards to return or consumer advocacy of any sorts. The product has also gone downhill, very cheap feeling, think $#*!ie's for pants and Sweaters from the bargain line of JC Penny (not that there is anything a miss by these brands, but in terms of advertising as a luxurious brand that prides itself on it's comfort and level of service, it fails to meet that expectation) We truly were not satisfied with the product and lack of customer care, it was like plotting a third world takeover just getting someone to answer our questions in a direct and concise manner and even so the email was peppered with this immature, borderline millennial snarky tone which was completely a waste of time reading their dribble. If you are a fan of their clothes, find a free standing store and order them up there in person and dodge the clowns at "Ninja Central" you won't get anywhere and at least in person, again, if you do love the clothing, you will get a level of customer service that is complacent and akin to at least a first rate shopping experience.
    I have recently purchased various pants to included dress pants, chinos and jeans. These are some of the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I also figured out that I am able to go down a size with the stretch sizes and athletic fit. Absolutely comfortable. I adore Kuhl pants but the Bonobos stretch jeans are my go to. If you catch it right they also have great sales from time to time.
    Awesome pants. The prices are a bit high though so I usually wait for sales and discounts haha
    Bonobos raised their prices. It used to be that they were selling clearly better clothing at a very reasonable price. Now the clothing is still good but the prices are not that different than everyone else. Tip for consumers:Shipping should always be free and you should still be able to get 20% off by Googling "bonobos discounts". Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I used to be a big fan of Bonobos. They have great-fitting clothing and their customer service is top-notch. But in the last year or so I think most of their products have gotten more expensive. I'm not sure that Bonobos is so worth it anymore. Better off going to a Nordstrom's Rack or Bloomingdale's Outlet.
    First, I have no relationship with anyone at Bonobos. I write to say that I recently bought several pants (chinos) in various sizes, and they fit me at each stage of my recent weight loss (from 36W to 32W). What I like most about their product as compared to Levi's, Old Navy, and such, is their pants FIT. My latest pair (size) fit me so well that I had to praise them. These people really know what there' doing. Yes, you can but less expensive elsewhere, but you're only going to pay more in the long run as I did. My last pair was over $60 with promos and such, but well worth it. Damn, if they don't look damn good on me, and I'm aged 69, so it takes a lot to make an old fart like me to put a shine on my $#*!.
    Great fitting shirts and suits. Well-made and worth the money
    Great fitting pants - My brother just got a pair of Bonobos and they are fabulous! Most men have very poorly fitted pants. They are always too baggy and it makes their butts look terrible. Bonobos fit so much better than normal khakis or slacks and they are much more interesting than jeans (they even come in pastels!). The company was started by a couple of Stanford grads. It's a neat story, and I am now a huge fan =)