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  • Description:Carseat Canopy™ products are made for "year-round" use – fabrics not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter. Each one of our canopies has bold, fresh, cutting-edge prints on 100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors.
    At Carseat Canopy™ our goal is to provide every parent in the world with a high quality, sleek & stylish infant car seat canopy.
    Carseat Canopy™ products are the most fashionable and high-end way to go. Whether you go with the Canopy or the Whole Caboodle, we've got your baby covered!
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    I ended up purchasing from the company with a giftcard I received. I paid shipping and it was so worth it! I love the material and how it arrived so much quicker than expected. I look forward to even purchasing another for my sister in law. Highly recommend! I was weary at first but I'm glad I took the risk and ordered.
    Your ability to fix a customer's issue is below par. I will not be ordering from your company again. It's unfortunate that customers cannot depend on you to deliver, and it's terrible customer service to not give back to a customer when it was your fault that I didn't receive what I ordered. I have been trying to get my parcel since the beginning of May and no one has corrected your error. I don't appreciate you taking my hard earned money and doing nothing about it! Tip for consumers:Don't use this site Products used:A canopy cover for my infant carseat
    I seen on Facebook that Canopy Couture had $50 off their Canopies and you pay shipping of course, so I ordered one for my grandson that will be here sometime in March. I thought if I ordered early February, I should get it in time. So 2 to 3 days later I received it in the mail! I was so surprised! It was exactly what I ordered and very nice! I'm very pleased with everything about canopy couture! My daughter loves it, now we are just waiting for my grandson!
    It's been over a month since I placed my order and still no delivery as of yet. Despite charging $16 for shipping fees then using the slowest mail service possible. I do not recommend. Products used:Car seat cover and nursing cover
    I would highly recommend this product for anybody looking for a car seat covers for the newborn are growing children, I purchased about five pieces for myself and my friends and family who are currently about to have babies everybody loves the softness and quality of this product I am beyond happy with it and will recommend it to many of people shipping was easy and everybody was friendly Tip for consumers:Everybody’s experience is different but have patience as it’s not just being shipped from around the corner it came in fairly quickly for me a couple of weeks and I love the product but I recommend it to anybody Products used:I have purchased one of the jersey stretch covers, As well as true original canopies and currently placing another item for two Muslin canopies. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I purchased both the Harley and the Harley Caboodle and had my son's name embroidered on the cover. When I received it last week the part that attaches to the actual canopy part of the infant carrier didn't fit it was much too small. The material was beautiful but unfortunately all I can use is the little blanket, the cover that goes on the carrier handle and the pillow.
    I ordered my first canopy like 6 years ago and now I order a new one for my new baby and I'm so happy with the product, it's the perfect canopy for the cool weather. I order another one also for gift my friend was more than happy when he saw the personalized canopy. Great job. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing a car seat cover. I love the blue/ white chevron
    The canopy is good quality and came exactly when they said it would.On top of that we won the draw prize and got $455 free coupons for more products!
    I love how quickly the order came in. Even though it said 10 business days with the embroidery, it came a lot quicker! And it was such a great price and is warmer than it looks. This is my second one I ordered. The first one was five years ago with my first kid and that is still even holding up great. Definitely recommend.
    I order one canopy and when it arrived I just loved it that I had to order two more it's just what I expected and great material thank you canopy couture
    I purchased the Mikayla for my grand baby! And not only is it super cute it also is great material! Shipment was super quick also! Thank you so much
    I waited 2 weeks just to get somebody else's order. This is ridiculous! I ordered the custom car seat canopy and got another persons custom order. They're clearly having a girl and I'm having a boy. Both of our orders are customized. I am so mad cause my baby is due in a week. I emailed them to let them know my order was wrong so let's see how long it takes for them to respond and send me my order. I know I will definitely be reporting this to my bank to process a refund if I don't receive my correct item in a timely fashion. As you can see in the pic, that is clearly not what I ordered.
    I am a soon to be new mom, I found out about this company when I was given a gift card to the company. They have a great selection, affordable and my product was shipped to me quickly!
    Carseat Canopy ranks above 4/5 stars in every category. With high quality, and fast service, Carseat Canopy has your baby covered.
    I purchased a canopy and it never showed up. So I got ahold of the company and they said it got lost at customs. When I asked for a refund because I now don't trust I will get it, they went ahead and re shipped a new one and will not give me a refund because of that. The new canopy has still not arrived! I was hoping to have it before my baby is born so I can use it leaving the hospital to cover her from the germs. I have wasted quite a bit of money on this product that I never recieved.
    Don't use the coupons. First of all the shipping fee is ridiculous. I waited weeks for my package and never got it. After several emails they have not refunded me. They advised they can send me one but it would be $10 in shipping. I guess they think people are idiots. Tip for consumers:Don't fall for Coupon Scams with They are a big scam Products used:Bought a different brand through Amazon for $11 and got it in two days and no shipping. Service Shipping Returns
    Highly advise against ordering the whole caboodle as it doesnt even come close to fitting the pumpkin seat. And the hood/umbrella is very small and does not block wind at all. The canopy itself is great, but I wasted $100+ getting the whole caboodle when the only things I can use are the canopy and the lap blanket.Dont waste your money on the Whole Caboodle Products used:Canopy only Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have ordered with this company for my previous baby and was excited to do so again. I placed the order at the beginning of the month and everything was looking good. I received a notice from the company that my order was being returned to sender and that I had to pay again to have it reshipped to me. I contacted the company and they said that it was on its way to being delivered to me. I never got my purchase and had to in the end cancel my order and get a refund because they said they could reship it but that I would receive my order next month MAYBE. Bad bad bad customer service. If ordering beware and give yourself MONTHS of advance.
    Lemme guess you're here because you got a bunch of amazing gift cards from your OB! Let me start by saying congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you have a fun and healthy pregnancy! Also, all the gift cards are a scam. They are not "gift cards", they are promotional discounts. All the companies are run by the same people. All the companies even have the same webpage set up. You do not get to stack with the catchy "FREESHIP" code they all offer. You also don't get to use the cards to cover processing fees, Good luck using these cards without spending at least $16.97 PER SITE. Total waste of time. Very disappointed in my OB for even giving these damned things out. Tip for consumers:DONT USE THIS PLACE Products used:none. scam Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered a canopy over a month ago. I live in Canada and was able to track my package as far Vancouver (I live in Nova Scotia on the opposite side of the country) When I contacted the company they said they couldn't track packages once they crossed the border. They offered to reship my package and I am now dealing with the same thing. They can't or won't provide me an accurate way to track my package and they refuse to open an investigation with the carrier landmark global. I have been trying to contact landmark global but they will only deal with the shipper. They also have refused to refund money. Every time I call I get the same excuses and am told that I just need to be patient and my package will arrive. I am currently disputing the charge with my credit card company. As far as I am concerned this is a scam. It may actual ship in the states but if you live in Canada I wouldn't order this product its not worth the headache.
    I ordered a nursing pillow on April 3rd and it was supposed to be delivered between April 14th to April 18th. The tracking was never updated till 17th April. Understanding that the delivery is way beyond my timeline, I sent a email on April 9th for cancellation. However, they claimed the product was shipped and cannot cancel the order.however, as per records, On 17th April is when they actually shipped the product. Understanding the same, I called them to cancel the order as it's never going to reach me on time. The customer representative Serah was extremely adamant and claimed that once shipped, thy cancel or refund the order. I contacted them before the product was shipped and after it was shipped. It seems like they are cheating and does not hold any responsibility in ensuring that product reaches the customer on time.When I looked into the reviews. I see a lot of mamas have faced the same issue. I regret not searching about these websites before ordering. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I've had multiple coupons from these guys, don't get me wrong the coupons are great and their stuff is super cute! BUT you get an email, or a coupon, for a free item just pay shipping, sounds great right? Yeah I thought so too, until I went to check out and yeah my item was free just like they said and I just had the shipping cost. The shipping cost!? I would rather pay the for the actual item if it knocked the shipping price down. It's ridiculous! I have never paid so much shipping, ever. Maybe on large items, but still not quite as much as what these guys charge.
    Carseatcanopy, sevenslings, uddercovers, and are all run by the same company. They're constantly offering codes for free products *just pay shipping. HOWEVER, the shipping prices are extremely inflated (more than the actual item is worth) for the size of the package and it's not like you're going to get your items quickly! The company is in Utah and I'm in California, yet to mail basically a scarf is $12 and takes 2 weeks?