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  • Description:Sheinside是一家定位於街拍潮流服飾,快時尚的女裝以及配件跨境電商網站,正如它的名字“Sheinside”,這個網站似乎有著洞悉“她”內在需求的穿透力。
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    There is no support. Period. I received a damaged sweater and opened a ticket 20 days ago. No response. Now I can't return them either because it passed 35 days after the purchase date. But it took 2 weeks for me to receive the sweaters, their 30 days return policy is fake! So to avoid trouble, do NOT order from them unless you are sure and don't mind throwing the money away if the item is damaged. Tip for consumers:don't buy anything from them. Products used:sweaters. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    1. They send out things in multiple batches on the same order. 2. You have to choose from multiple batches when processing a return. 3. There is no way you can catch hold of a live agent except after your first purchase. 4. Their shipment gets delayed for no reason. 5. Raising a ticket often means being tossed between departments with no actual results. Tip for consumers:Extremely horrifying shipping and return policy. Barely any live customer service. Buy at your own risk with no hopes of return. Products used:Clothes, shoes jewelry Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I bought a jacket from Shein but it was inferior quality and too small, despite XL being my normal size, so - after a week's nightmare of repeatedly ignored requests for a refund - I managed to get it approved, or so they said, and sent the item back but then they changed their mind and sent me yet another jacket exactly the same product and size, it's been going on for weeks and still I haven't been refunded. Avoid like the plague! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This will be my first time having an issue with shein but today i purchased some boots they charged my card and a few hours later cancelled my order but never refunded the money. This is a big no no for me because i never cancelled the order and i never received a refund. I dont appreciate neither action because before you just cancel an order at least semd the person's money back.
    I sent back a single breastfed jacket with pants, 2 casual shirts, and two tee shirts all too small. They did not pay me.for my suit which was 31.46 but they p a I'd me for those cheap shirts, but didn't pay me for my outfit, nor did they send me my outfit back. I will never spend another dollar with them I AM PISSED,PISSED,PISSED. Tip for consumers:You need TY o be able to speak with a live representative. THIS will be my last TY ime spending money with Shein. I am going to switch and use another company Products used:I kept the sock, and a pair of shoes. I hate that you can't communicate with a live person. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    After purchasing one item to see the validity of the company, I was satisfied and therefore went full speed ahead and ordered several items. In the beginning, you get text emails encouraging returns that are free before 30 some days but try to return there is absolutely no communication even when you contactcustomer service. Then you see all the restrictions, the return items does not process what a mess pay more stay in America. Tip for consumers:Once you purchase, it is impossible to return and they advertise free returns. There is no communication even though they text an email you you cannot respond or request to speak to someone or return items. Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I received an email from SHEIN that my package was delivered March 24,2024. I emailed them and went to their website to let them know that I have not received any package nor sign anything. I have been trying to reach out to customer service but no one can contact to except the bot service that is useless. It's a really horrible and frustrating experience to reach out for someone to help me to find out where my package is! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    First time ordering. Everything was too big. Returned as instructed. Only refunded for one of 6 items. Theres no way to get to anyone about this. Its not worth it. 0 stars. I would not bother ever again. Absurd. Tip for consumers:there is no real customer service. Its very awkward. I thought this might be the case but its not a good experience when you return things. Will not ship there again. Products used:one top, and I was refunded for one of the six other items I returned Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This is the most unprofessional non thorough company I have ever had to use! I placed my order dec 15 and I paid for express shipping. On Dec 30 I haven't received 1 item. I haven't been given any tracking updates just emails about more delays. They used DHL for delivery and their website malfunctions and not useful. Purchased almost all my 10 y/o Christmas gifts from Shein. Safe to say her Christmas is ruined. Tip for consumers:Delivery time is not accurate u will be left in the dark after you place your order. No Customer service no contacts no info Products used:Still Haven’t received them
    I placed an order Jan 20th and and received an email with my order # and a Tracking # and have not been able to reach a customer service says I have no order but I do have my order # and they did take my money of 29.00 I just would like my order if not a refund. This co is not customer friendly it is poor. Sad that they don't have customer service to resolve delivery issues.
    I have been a loyal customer for years, and they suddenly started scamming me. They don't allow live chat anymore, and there is no way to get refund. I tried ticket repeatedly and just get the same bot messages that refuse to help or else they just close the ticket with no help. I am going to have to do chargeback and never shop here again. They will also be reported to the FTC. Very disappointing that customer service is suddenly non-existent after I was sent an entire order of wrong sizes. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This site is a scam. They sent me a notification that the item I already paid for is out of stock and to exchange it for another item. I selected another item. But they gave me a completely different item than what I selected in my order. Instead of helping me get this fixed; they suddenly made false accusations against me that I was trying to commit fraud against them(with no proof or any explanation). And they said because of that, they banned my account and can't help. This is illegal and I will be starting a lawsuit, if this is not fixed. This site is pure evil. Wanting a site glitch fixed is not fraud. It is their job to provide what I ordered. Tip for consumers:Do not use this site. Horrible. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality (function(w) { function go() { (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } document.querySelector("body").addEventListener("gadsLoaded", go, false); }(window)); document.querySelector("body").addEventListener("freestarLoaded", () => { freestar.config.enabled_slots.push({ placementName: "sitejabber_incontent_2", slotId: "sitejabber_incontent_2" }); }); loadjsReady({ event: 'app', checker: function() { return typeof app === "undefined" || typeof app.profilePicture === "undefined"; }, callback: function() { app.profilePicture('undefined', 'undefined'); } }) Tarsha M. 1 review 1 helpful vote Follow Tarsha M. Send Message loadjsReady({ event: "app", checker: function() { return typeof app === "undefined"; }, callback: function() { // } }); Share Review “Three weeks still no order received” March 18th, 2024 I ordered about 17 items most were for this upcoming Easter. This order included my grand daughters Easter dress and shoes. They kept pushing the delivery date back until now it's been almost a month. They stated that as a courtesy they would provide a refund but I would still receive my order. Now when I check the website the items are not there. States they've been refunded. What about my baby's Easter dress and the other 17 items? This is a shipping nightmare! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This store is a COMPLETE joke! They don't honor their price adjustment policy! I purchased MANY items and within a couple of days, the price was reduced significantly! I get a pop-up that the price isn't lower than when purchased? REALLY?! I brought this to customer service's attention who asked me to send them screenshots of my order and the current prices, which I did and it took me almost 15 minutes to do so! What do they tell me? I didn't meet the criteria? WTH?! The bottom line is that these scammers don't honor their policies...PERIOD! Tip for consumers:HONOR YOUR PRICE ADJUSTMENT POLICY! Products used:Dresses, blouses, leggings, jackets, mesh shirts, crop tops and shorts Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Each time I place an order from SHEIN they would send me used, stained and torn clothes clearly that has been worn before as the clothes would smell of body odour! I have never experienced this kind of treatment from any company in my life of online shopping. This company needs to be shut down asap. Please note that those images are just a few of the many that I have received in the past. Tip for consumers:I want this unhygienic company closed down asap. They can’t keep on trading like this. Products used:None of the clothes were used as they all had body odour, apparently they’re supposed to be new from so called SHEIN! How do you justify that as a company?
    I always been a loyal customer to Shein, my poor mother bought me a gift card for the holidays. I purchased some clothing and used my Gift card, I returned the merchandise for different reasons. Was waiting to be credited to my wallet for the return, Shein claim they don't credit money from gift card" What a way of steeling money from customers. I was so surprise. Do not get anyone gift card if you don't want to loose your money. I will not buy anything else from them. Products used:Shoes, Dresses Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I signed up for SHEIN text messages per a prompted request on the app, in order to receive a 15% discount on my next purchase. The following day began a long barrage of emails and phone calls from so many different solicitors. Never once had that problem before I agree to texts from SHEIN. It's quite clear that they are selling customers personal information to solicitors without customer consent. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Beware before you buy! I've poured thousands into Shein, only to be met with endless refund hassles. They often ONLY RETURN PART of your money for returns, making you jump through hoops to contact customer service for the full amount—a task that's nearly impossible. And after weeks of waiting and sending 5 to 8 emails, they sometimes claim they never received the returns! It's a frustrating cycle of DECEIT. As someone of Chinese heritage, it pains me to see such practices, seemingly reflective of a "Chinese way of doing business". Truly, the worst shopping experience ever. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Dont trust them! The return service is a horror! Firstly it takes more than a week or two to hear anything from them after sending the returned goods, then the refunds are ALWAYS incomplete! This means they only refund parts of your returns, and for the rest, you'll have to try to write endless emails to chase them down to refund. With my last two returns, still some items are missing. In one case, the process went on more than 3 months so the case was expired, and I didn't get the full refund! The second: they claim they didn't receive returns from an entire order, which I sent back together with some other orders, what a mess! The total value of these missing refunds sums over EUR 100, but I've spent more than 3000 on Shein in the last 2 month, what a waist of money! Never trust it again! loadjsReady({ event: 'app', checker: function() { return typeof app === "undefined" || typeof app.profilePicture === "undefined"; }, callback: function() { app.profilePicture('undefined', 'undefined'); } }) Mardell H. 6 reviews 5 helpful votes Follow Mardell H. Send Message loadjsReady({ event: "app", checker: function() { return typeof app === "undefined"; }, callback: function() { // } }); Share Review “No way to return items as promised” March 11th, 2024 Once received. They won't allow returns. There is no place to authorize or contact to initiate. Beware! Tip for consumers:Have someone to give your unwanted items to but don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose! Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I received a delivery notification both by email and on my the app stating that all 15 orders that i purchased were delivered. All orders were not delivered and because i have had recent issues with theft. I tried to reach out to SHEIN to see if they could either replaced them or refund me for them. They don't provide a contact number, all that they have is a so call chat. Further their optional questions are very limited prevented me from making an accurate selection so that i can place the correct complaint in the chat. In addition, Shein tried to charged for some kind of a "customer support" with one of their specialized agents which attempted to charge me $55/month to register for furthering customer support services likely my bank rejected this charge attempt. Shein is horrible and lacks total professionalism. They are absolutely apart of the issue along side the thief that stole my packages. Products used:accessories Service Value Shipping Returns
    Stick With Amazon! This place is a joke. It's literally hit or miss. Maybe you'll receive something decent or maybe it'll feel cheap & itchy. Maybe you'll get your package or maybe they'll let it pass through so many hands, without tracking availability, that it'll just disappear. Over these bootleg little shops with all the hype but zero results! If you have time & money to blow you'll love this place
    I have bought from shien a few times. I understand it takes longer to relieve because it's a cheap site. But my last order I placed was over 200.00 I waited 19 days. Still no order so I reached out to customer service. She proceeds to tell me yes there's something wrong with your order. It's been sitting in Chicago for over 2 weeks. So I just had her refund me. Didn't even get my stuff and I was only refunded 96.00 I'm so annoyed and will never ever shop here again. Don't waste your time. Products used:6 different orders over 30 items.