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  • Description:英國第一蛋白粉品牌,專門經營健康護理用品
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    The worst customer service I have experienced. I was a customer for many years and had spent £300 within 3 weeks with them. They had sent the wrong product to me (the correct sticker but the wrong product). Despite my efforts to rectify the situation by returning the item, I received no assistance after months of chasing them. It seems whoever is responsible for customer service doesn't care about losing high-paying customers. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered two 5.5 lb bags of their protein in different flavors. Both made me sick to my stomach - I'm not sure if there was an issue in shipping where they overheated or if it's just a terrible product. I've tried no less than 20 protein companies/ powders over the years and this is the only one I've ever had a reaction to like this. I'm not lactose intolerant or anything. Dealing with their customer service has been infuriating. They literally keep asking me for a batch number, which I'll send, then the next message they ask me for an order number, which I'll send, then they'll ask for the batch number and flavors and expiration dates, and there's been more than a dozen emails over two weeks where they keep asking for some detail, usually one I've already provided. I've taken full pictures of both products and given every bit of information you could fathom. They're purposefully trying to wear me out/frustrate me until I stop replying all together. I wish a plague on this company and the families that work there. Tip for consumers:Worst company ever Products used:5.5 lb fruity cereal protein 5.5 lb chocolate smooth protein Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I am utterly disappointed and frustrated with my experience ordering from this company. Despite placing my order well over a month ago, I have yet to receive my items. The lack of communication and accountability from their customer service team has been appalling. After repeatedly reaching out to the company, I have been met with empty promises and illogical suggestions, such as waiting for the severely delayed delivery only to return the items for a refund. This level of incompetence and disregard for customer satisfaction is unacceptable. The company's failure to fulfill their basic obligation of delivering products within a reasonable timeframe has left me questioning their reliability and professionalism. Their inability to provide a swift resolution or even a satisfactory explanation for the delay is a clear indication of their poor management and lack of concern for their customers. I strongly advise potential customers to reconsider placing an order with this company. The stress, inconvenience, and frustration that I have experienced are not worth the risk. There are plenty of other reliable businesses that value their customers' time and satisfaction. Until this company can demonstrate a significant improvement in their service, delivery times, and customer support, I cannot recommend them to anyone. Save yourself the trouble and take your business elsewhere. Products used:Whey protein from another brand. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I was a customer since February 2018. However, I recently ordered $200 worth of Impact Whey Isolate - 11lb - Unflavored, which was supposed to be delivered on January 17,2024. I never received it. I contacted the Customer Care Team every week since then, and they keep telling me to fill out the Attestation Form over and over, and/or wait for the results of the investigation. It has been over two months of waiting with no progress: no refund and no replacement product. They have $200 of my money, and I received nothing in return, and no date for when the matter will be resolved, if ever: they said they will contact me at THEIR earliest convenience. Products used:Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate, Unflavored, 11lbs Service Value Shipping Quality
    The nutritional information advertised on their website significantly deviates from what is printed on the actual product packaging. This discrepancy seems intentional, painting a more positive image of the product with lower protein, double the fat, and higher carbs per serving. Despite reaching out to bring attention to these discrepancies, MYPROTEIN has not taken any corrective action, leaving me inclined to believe these misleading practices may be deliberate. Moreover, the promised ease of returns and refunds, as stated on their website, appears to be impractical and challenging in reality, contradicting their customer-centric claims. Products used:Impact Whey Protein Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Just hope you don't have any issues with your order. I received a product that was past its best before and also unsealed (a tub of protein powder, in which the seal had opened and contents and spilled out/congealed around the lid). It took me almost a week to get a refund, after the company demanded erroneous details about the product, which I am certain they would have access to. I've come to the conclusion that the constant back-and-fourth to grant a simple refund is designed in a way to exhaust the customer so that the request for a refund is surrendered. I would think twice before ordering from this company. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    First, upon receiving my order I noticed immediately the bad quality of the clothing. So I returned them, which I had to pay myself. It was rather expensive to return them, but seeing the bad quality I decided to pay for it anyway. Now, more than 2 months later still no refund because they said they could not find the package when I contacted them. So, I had to show my proof of return/tracking/shipment, which I did multiple times. And it clearly shows that it had been delivered. But still no refund. Then finally, after sending lots of messages, they said they found the package and I will get the refund. However, I contacted them again when this did not happen, and then they said they didn't receive the package, and the refund was rejected. Do not buy from this company! And beware of the positive reviews. I suspect they write their own reviews. My review of my bad experience with them has never been posted on their website. Yet, one day after I saw three reviews with 5 stars. So they are also untrustworthy as they try to deceive people. Again, do not buy. All you get is bad quality, bad customer service, and no refund if you return your order. Tip for consumers:That they are deceitful and untrustworthy. Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The most disgusting fraudulent company. 90% of the products on their website are not available and there is a high probability that they do not exist at all. You are attracted by a large assortment, large discounts and gifts, only for you to pay for the order, after payment for you will be immediately forgotten. Before buying, you will be promised delivery within 2-8 days, in fact, in ten days the order has not even been confirmed yet. During this time on the site and, accordingly, in the warehouse, half of the positions are no longer available, no one will say the terms of the new arrival. This is provided that you can subscribe to them via a hidden email. Reading the reviews about this company, I'm not sure that after a long hassle I will be able to get my money back. When I started reading reviews about this company, I was shocked - how does it still work and why is there no charges brought against its management? Why does she deceive people for such a long time? Don't trust this company in any way, don't even look in its direction. This will save you your nerves, health, time and money. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    8 weeks after ordering I still haven't received my items. First they told me Evri had lost the item, and they would organise a replacement, but then quickly changed their story, saying Evri has delivered the item, but are unable to provide any proof of delivery - no picture or signature. I assure you nothing was delivered. Plus Evri are notorious for being incompetent. MyProtein are uninterested in finding a solution, and will only repeat the same response: 'Our courier says the item was delivered', and when I ask for proof I get fobbed off. I suspect my £70 is down the drain. pretends to be a Swiss website offering their products on our national market with "free deliveries" and prices in CHF and compete against swiss vendors selling their products. It's only after the purchase or when you dig through the FAQ on their homepage that you find out that you have to pay substantial import taxes on their products. Apart from it being an ecological disaster (why should I get food shipped halfway across the continent?), this is misleading the customer on prices. Tip for consumers:Be aware of import tolls Service Value Shipping Quality
    One of the most pathetic shipping services I have ever seen. I got my order delivered 20 days late, and when I wanted to return it, they promised me a free return, but then when the product was received, they said no, and I had to pay for the return. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I recieved an email saying an order was placed with them for over $100. I never placed an order with them. I contacted them to cancel the order not even 10 minutes after it said it was placed and they said it has already began to be shipped they cannot cancel it. Interesting. Cause it's impossible to pack an order print the label pack and ship it to the post office in 10 minutes. Whatever. I leave a 1 star review for their poor customer service. (P.s. It gets way worse!) They respond back saying they've started the process for return, as soon as I receive the package, attach the return label and shipping label and send it back to receive a refund. I had to pay for the shipping also. I send it back. Usps says it's delivered, the next day I get an email from myprotein saying they received the returned order. It says it takes 5 days to get your refund and if after 10 days to contact them (contacting them is near impossible and every response seems scripted/auto generated) it had been more than 10 days so I contact them. They state they never received my items. I tell them you did I have tracking that proves you did AND an email FROM THEM SAYING THEY DID! I attach all the proof. They respond asking to please provide proof. I respond back saying I did I will attach it again, SEE ATTACHMENT. They respond saying they were unable to process refund through original payment method, could I provide them with my paypal to receive the refund. I give them my paypal. Then they say they need to investigate this further and are moving it to their payments team. They are waiting to hear from them and when they do they will contact me. Are you kidding me? They're a scam! They just want your money! And will come up with every excuse in the book to avoid giving you your money back even after getting their crap items back and hope you give up! I'm not a quitter especially over my hard earned money. I'm not rich or a scammer like they are. Summary: 1st they can't cancel because it's already shipped, (when it didn't ship till days later.) 2nd they can't give refund because they never received my package (when they already said they did.) 3rd I let them know they recieved it they said so and I have proof (and I provide the proof) 4th they ask for proof I provide it AGAIN 5th they say they can't pay me via original method can i provide my paypal. 6th I provide paypal and they say they need to investigate it. And will get back to me. Notice a pattern? They will always have an excuse and do anything to avoid actually helping you. Avoid this company like the plague. Still no refund by the way.
    Engaging with Myprotein's customer service is an exercise in futility, like conversing with a parrot programmed to spew unhelpful, pre-drafted responses. A glaring error in their system, the baffling absence of the United States from their country list, stonewalled my attempts to correct my address, leading to a ludicrous farce of delivery misdirection. Despite FedEx's tracking data irrefutably showing my order winding up in the wrong city, Myprotein's customer service stubbornly clung to a carousel of redundant questions and requests for already-provided forms. The end result? A dance of frustration and wasted time that transforms buying directly from Myprotein into an agonizing ordeal of Kafkaesque proportions that I would not wish on my worst enemy.
    I ordered protein shakes and diet supplements, and they are good quality. The items arrived well on time but I don't think I can buy from there again due to the fact that the shipping cost is way too pricey and I can't afford that every time. Would have to find another health supplement website with a lower shipping cost
    I ordered the BBQ and they weren't bad so when they came up on sale again I ordered two BBQ and two Salt & Vinegar. The latter was so gross! Inedible, actually! When I tried to put a review on their site it kept telling me 'page not found' like maybe they do that for 1-star reviews! I sent a message to customer service about returning the unopened box so we'll see what happens. I'll never buy anything from there ever again. I tried to feed the opened bag to the seagulls and even they weren't interested. Value Shipping Quality
    Really bad customer service, they take ages to reply and I couldn't find a live support agent in Greek language (found one in the Irish site). I wanted to cancel my order and receive a refund just 10 hours after ordering, and their system couldn't let me because "some products were shipped"(no product is shipped even now). Customer service said they couldn't access my account and that there was a technical problem with their system (agent was polite though). They simply delay you as much as possible if you want a refund. Will not use, just stay away. Update: And yes, as other members noted here, if you try to cancel your overpriced order they try to ship it as soon as possible. I chose the slow shipping but 10 minutes after this review I got an email that my order is shipped. Now I'm afraid to return the product when I get it as a lot o reviews here state that they don't refund for weeks even months. Terrible terrible service. Update 2: In the message that the company agent sent me he offers the return policy of this company. Meaning that I will have to ship the product back, then wait to arrive, then wait 14 days to get my refund. But as many others here noted, they may take even months or they may never refund you, so it's a gamble. Don't trust them. Tip for consumers:Stay away Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They use the goofballs at evri to deliver and they have lost the item and just keep updating the tracking to say its at the depot everytime i message i get a cut and paste response that its at the depot. Ill be taking this as far as i can they arent getting away with it. Tip for consumers:Scammers Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They are being unreasonable. After one day of place an order. They drop the price from $20 to $6, and sent me one that expired in 4 months. Refuse to provide a prepaid label, and refund the difference. I was loving their products but now I am tired to dealing with all this. Never purchase again.
    This is a review update improving from 1star to 3stars now. My previous review within quotation marks shows how I didn't get the package. Now, I finally received it. "The courier they use in the USA is unknown and they do not provide tracking until it crosses the USA- Canada border where then Purolator takes over the delivery. Placed an order which showed up as dispatched on the same day. But now I've been waiting for the delivery for almost 3 weeks. It has been an additional week since the last day of the estimated delivery days. And My Protein does not know where the packages are and what happens to them when enquired. One customer representative responded to me to wait 3-5 working days JUST to get a response from their courier when the package was supposed to be delivered by then! And when I reach back to know where my package is, their response is that they have not heard from the courier yet!" Yes, the courier was terrible. And, I contacted customer service back to back inquiring about the package. Anyhow, customer service responded each time even though responses from some customer service agents are not helpful at all. 3 stars for the availability of customer service, showing up that at least the company is still there and because I finally received the full package safely. The customer service must be having a tough time due to the courier service. Thus, they do deserve stars. Tip for consumers:Be cautious about delivery times Service Value
    I was so happy with the customer service I sought out a review site to leave a review and I'm personally shocked at the negatives. I live in a small town with no usps service, so i have a po box. Myprotein uses a delivery service which goes to the door and I messed up using my po box as the address. Package was of course sent back. As soon as i contacted them, they had another package out that went right to my box. Not only do I love their products (literally the best non-creamy protein out there) but I am super happy with how they handed my problem! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I asked these clowns to change the address on my order. They said they couldn't and I told them this has happened before and they should fix their customer service. Without their permission they canceled my order and now to repurchase it. It will be $25 more and one of the shirts is now "out of stock". Great quality clothes with complete idiots behind the keyboard. Service Value Shipping Quality
    Their plastic bags that hold the protein's ziplock has gotten so cheap over the years that it barely closes anymore. Talk about non existant customer service when they LOSE YOUR PACKAGE. Tip for consumers:All branding, no customer support Products used:Whey Service Value Shipping Returns