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    Purchased a $10 Roblox gift card on their website. Was sent an email saying "unable to process your digital card order" but it still took the funds out of my bank account. Contacted thru support email & paypal email yesterday, still no response even though it says they've received my request. Judging by the other reviews I'm guessing they won't ever respond and in result I've been scammed. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!
    I purchased a QuikTrip $50 gift card for my daughter. She tried to use it and it showed a $0 balance. Good luck getting any response (not even an auto response) from the CashStar online form, and they list no phone number. I found their number in Maine and it does answer, but when you select "1" for customer service, it "transfers" your call then says your call cannot be connected and to call back later. Will NEVER purchase a cashstar gift card again. Service Value Quality
    I bought E-gift cards from 3 different stores which were processed via CashStar. Unfortunately, rather than putting through the transaction as a purchase, they put it through as a cash advance which is then charged an instant interest fee as if you are borrowing money, from your bank. Additionally either the bank or CashStar tags on another fee for the card of at least $5 per card. I have bought E-gift cards from other stores that are not processed this way and incur no extra fees. Pathetic. Avoid anything linked to CashStar! Tip for consumers:People should be forewarned that if they purchase an E-gift card online for Sail or Lululemon or other stores (Holt Renfrew as well), the company which processes the gift card purchase is CashStar, which is a company that results in the purchaser paying additional fees, both interest and a "gift card" fee. Products used:I bought a gift card so it was a gift for someone, however I was not warned that because the retailer uses CashStar to process its E-gift cards, the gift was processed as a cash advance instead of a retail purchase. This automatically incurs an immediate interest fee from your bank and an additional card payment fee on my Visa bill. It is unacceptable and not something that is made clear when purchasing the gift card. Service Value
    I have my store receipt, I've gone to the store and they are unable to scan the card, I've called 6 phone numbers, I have the card, the activation serial number, everything except for a couple of crucial card numbers and half of the pin. I've spent well over an hour on the phone, been transferred everywhere, eventually rolled into starting over and customer care is unavailable and call later. The last call, I was rolled into a survey. I'm out $50. Products used:Nothing. Service
    Received gift card codes from OneBlood for blood donations and took many attempts to get the site to process the request. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered a gift card for Christmas for a family member. When they opened the email it went to a random website. I called and was told my order number was incorrect. This is a scam. Products used:Amazon ecard Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I purchased 2 $25 gift cards online yesterday and it was sent to my email. I followed instructions to redeem the code online and it repeatly said failed. I researched online and discovered CashStar is a scam. I called a number to get a refund but there was no one to speak to nor a way to leave a message. I am demanding a refund and will never use or recommend CashStar to anyone. Service Value Returns Quality
    Credit card purchases of Cashstar gift cards were posted as cash advances not credit card purchases -and thus subject to extra fees and penalties. This is because service is outside of the country and they seem to be trying to avoid vendor credit card charges
    Do your research before you decide to buy from a high end company that steals from people on a daily basis. The payment will say it declined but the money will still be removed from your account. Customer service does nothing but provide a scripted lie that they have to tell to everyone they talk to who had this same issue. You will lose out on money. I hope they shut this greedy business down one way or another. Somebody is going to sue. They can count their days. Especially if you're buying around the holidays or a birthday. Just forget it! Save your time and hard earned money that they don't work a dime for! These corporations are corrupt and steal from those who they know they can. Save your time people and look elsewhere! Mines is still pending but no gift card… LOL they're a joke and so is the CEO of this low down grimey place along with their workers. Tip for consumers:They’re getting reported that’s for sure. I don’t care if I have to do it multiple times. Products used:None. Paid money and ending up with nothing. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Attempted to purchase a $100 gift card for Ulta only to receive an email stating the order could not be completed and then have to wait X number of days for a refund. Tier 1 customer support is useless as they can't provide any information as to why the order couldn't be completed and no other information for the customer with an issue. Steer clear of doing any business with this company as their structure is flawed and not convenient at all for consumers. Products used:Attempted to purchase a $100 gift card for Ulta only to receive an email stating the order could not be completed and then have to wait X number of days for a refund. Tier 1 customer support is useless as they can’t provide any information as to why the order couldn’t be completed and no other information for the customer with an issue. Steer clear of doing any business with this company as their structure is flawed and not convenient at all for consumers. Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Took $70 worth of Roblox credit from me and refused to give me a refund this is so unfair since this is my son's birthday present and he has to wake up with no present.
    Today I got a roblox $10 gift card in Kmart for 1k robux premium because I didn't know you know needed $25 because back then you only needed $10. So I bought another $10 through the roblox website, the purchased went through but I got an email saying it didn't work. So now I'm waiting for a refund. I don't know why roblox teamed up with cashstar and when they will fix the problem and not team up with cashstar. Products used:Roblox gift card Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered Texas Road House egift cards for the holidays and never received them. I chatted with CS and was told there was nothing they could do for me, They have my perfectly correct email that I use everyday but hey say it shows on their end undeliverable. I offered up another email after they had me verified but refused, I will be disputing the charges from my credit card company,,, NEVER BUY EGIFT CARDS FROM TEXAS ROAD HOUSE Service Value Shipping Returns
    Used cashstar for an IKEA gift card promotion, got $400 worth of GC with my Discover credit card. Got a confirmation email straightaway (Discover let the transaction go through but flagged it as potential fraud and temporarily restricted my account, I just had to approve it on an email they sent me). The bonus cards arrived about 5 hours later, and the main card arrive about 12 hours later. Now usually when you purchase gift cards on official websites, they arrive immediately. So, if that's not going to be the case, cashstar should make it abundantly clear in the confirmation email to spare their customers some (very warranted) consternation. From another thread on the same promotion, I can see that most if not all people got their gift card eventually, so this website is legit, but probably has some issues around processing times and communication. Service Value Shipping Quality
    Reloaded my QT gift card $20 to use at gas pump. Went to get gas and card was declined. I put $20 more on the card thinking it just didnt go through. So $40 just gone. Got email and text from bank about transaction like normal. But never showed up on my QT card balance. Called Qt and they put me through to cashstar. Got hung up on. This is totally unacceptable. Do not use cash star or Qt gift cards unless you dont mind losing money and getting put in a bad situation. There is no lower rating or I would have used it.
    If I could possibly rate this lower than a single star, I would. I recently purchased a Roblox gift card for 15 dollars and the second I recieve an email from roblox saying that my order is confirmed, I get another saying that they could not handle my transaction and that "a refund would be issued." Great. So now my money is stuck in pending on paypal and if I do not get it in a week (as some other reviews have told), I would need to wait until the due date which is 29 DAYS from now. Just horrible BOTTOM NOTE: DO NOT BUY FROM ANY CASHSTAR WEBSITE. Terrible experience, Terrible customer service, terrible service. Tip for consumers:What would've been helpful before using this? NOT USING IT AT ALL.. Products used:Roblox Gift Card Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I bought an item and it didn't even go through at the ROBLOX store. Then they took my money without even giving back the money to my bank. This app is literally a scam and for all I care the people that work for it should be fired in an instant for this as they must suck at their job if their gonna tell us that 'they have a secure bank holder' even though they clearly DO NOT. This is ridiculous. Tip for consumers:dont use the site, simple as that. resort to buying it in target Products used:a roblox gift card Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I complained to them that I never got my gift cards, not a refund. They basically told me to f*** off in their response and deemed my issue solved. Then I sent them this: My issue was deemed solved, yet I was not yet refunded, or explained why my payment was not accepted into your system. All I got was, "sorry, we took your money and you can't have it back until the issuer feels like it. Our "secure cardholder system" denies us from knowing anything about it. If you want some useless advice, get a plastic card at the store next time. Bye!" Well then, thanks for nothing I guess? It's called a DIGITAL CARD for a reason! So we don't have to go to the STORE to buy a PHYSICAL CARD! Im beginning to see why your ratings and reputation is so low, because you just can't deliver any satisfaction. Your response to my last email was no more than talking to a brick wall. I'll call it for what it is, it's a scam! If only I looked into the reports earlier of people getting pending for weeks before a return if at all. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Your company is pathetic I ordered a e-gift card for Best Buy didn't realize I was ordering through a third party vendor, Placed order for card online got receipt email then said in a separate email after that e-gift card can't be processed. Now waiting on my money to be returned. Spoke to customer service they can hardly speak English. Same On You Best Buy Jack Asses, leadership should fire whom ever came up with that idea of using this pathetic company. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I purchased 200 dollar gift card thru this shell company and got confirmation then immediately got notification saying I asked for refund I did not. I got now gift card that I purchased but they sure took that money. Their customer service is none existent. They are rude and won't help you. 5 days and it says still pending in my account so my card holder team can't dispute them. I have spoke to and escalated with multiple people with this scam of a company. Not one of them can help or have clue what is going on. Tip for consumers:DO NOT USE THIS SITE! I REPEAT DO NOT USE. your playing with fire and might as well just light your money on fire instead. Products used:None, they robbed me of my money so I couldn't afford to buy anything else. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They took my money and did not give me my gift card. If 0 stars was an option they wouldn't even get thar. I will contact the bbb there email stated my ticket complaint was resolved I guess resolved in there favor because they took my money! Tracie Smith Products used:I didn't receive the product after I paid for it Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I was on best buy yesterday because i wanted to buy a bike. Which cost $2168. I wanted to use 2 cards but didnt had that option. Called customer service and they advise me to purchase 2 ecard and that should do the trick. I then decided to proceed with purchasing the cards online. After 30 minutes of not receiving the cards, i reached out to best buy with my order numbers. They then told me thats not their order numbers. I argued with the rep who was very rude. Didn't help at all. I then proceeded to email and notice that it was best buy cash star. Boy oh boy, i got on google and read all these horrible reviews and thought i got scammed. I reached out to my bank immediately to have them refund me my $1000. However the claims dept was close. I was supposed to get my cards info yesterday. I woke up this morning and i received emails from cashstar with my cards. I immediately use them. Because i was afraid they may ended up stealing my card info. I give it a 3 star because the reps were rude and secondly, they took forever to send me my cards. But i am here to say they are certainly not scammers, since i got to use it to buy my bike. Its very disappointing thought that best buy reps doesn't know their own third party vendors.
    I suspect people rarely leave positive reviews, so I will leave one. The website seems legit. Don't know about other cases, but I got a link from PS official website, bought a $10 code for PlayStation, and it arrived like 10 min after.
    I bought a 25$ gift card for roblox, and immediatly after they sent me an email saying the order went through, i got another email saying that i had requested a refund. This never happened, so i tried to enter in contact with cashstar. They told me they couldn't process my order and that my money was just pending by my bank account so no actual money would come out of my account. I found this strange so i called my bank, and they told me the transaction went through. 6 days have passed, i got no answer and no money from them. Terrible place to buy whatever. Tip for consumers:Never use this site. Products used:Nothing, didnt get any. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Would rate this company less than 1 star if possible. It's been 2 years since I purchased a 20 pound roblox gift card from them, and still havent been refunded the money and they haven't given me a code either. DO NOT BUY.